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Charity Drive

The British Bulldawgs Browns Backers virtual Swear Jar is back! Our chosen charity this year is Macmillan UK, who provide help to patients dealing with cancer here in the UK.

Our long time member Gordon is currently battling cancer in Plymouth and he's done a lot of charity work with his local Macmillan group. We would love to support Gordon in his battle, so raising money for this great cause is a way we can help.

Any time the Browns make you swear, whether good reasons or bad, please consider making a donation to our Swear Jar. Last year we raised over £1000 for Dogs for Autism, and we'd love it if we could top that this year and even hit £1500.

Feel free to do a one time donation, or top it up throughout the season. Here's the link to donate!

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Charity Drive: Donate
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