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Premium Membership is returning!

The British Bulldawgs Browns Backers has always been free to join, and it still is. Last year we introduced an optional premium membership to help with the expenses of running the club and used some of the money for bigger and better raffle prizes! 

So what do you get with your membership? In short, Browns merchandise! Every year the team sends us a box of promotional items, which usually are given out at our in-person meet ups. We'd like to evenly distribute this better, so premium membership will get you one or two gifts that we receive from the team. Past items have included lanyards, bottle openers, magnetic schedules and keychains. Item numbers always vary, so what you get will be dependent on what we get from the team and how many people sign up. We will do our best to distribute the merchandise evenly, but what you get will be random. 

That's not all! If you sign up before the start of the season (11th September) you will also get a limited edition gift that is specific to the British Bulldawgs! If you sign up later in the season, the limited edition gift will only be given out if we still have any left (hence limited edition!)

And did we mention raffles? Yes, yes we did. You will also get five tickets to a special end of season raffle that will include a larger gift from the Browns. (More raffle tickets will be available to purchase throughout the season.) 

Membership will again cost £20 (or $30 if you're in the USA) which will go towards:

Website fees

Raffle prizes

Postage for raffles and giveaways

Charity donations

If you'd like to sign up for premium membership, please keep an eye on your emails if you are signed up as a Backer or on our Facebook page, details will be sent out in early August.

Your welcome pack will be sent out later in the season, once we receive the promotional box from the Browns.

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