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We are the British Bulldawgs Browns Backers club, serving Cleveland Browns fans in the UK. Welcome to the page!

We *normally* meet up weekly during the season at the Hippodrome Casino on Leicester Square in London, England. However due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Hippodrome will not be showing the NFL this year and we are doing virtual events instead. Game times are usually 6pm on Sundays (UK time) but vary depending on the Browns schedule.

If you would like to join into our virtual events or have any questions, please hit the contact button below.

To join the official British Bulldawgs Browns Backers click:


Twitter: @BritishBrowns

We look forward to meeting you! GO BROWNS!


Upcoming Events

Come join us online!

Cleveland Browns 2020 Season

Due to our normal venue not showing the NFL this year because of Covid-19 distancing restrictions, we will be hosting online get togethers via Zoom. You will need your own way to watch the game via Sky Sports or NFL Game Pass, as streaming video via Zoom does not provide a good experience for viewers due to lag. Please get in touch if you would like to join us online. 


Charity Drive

In 2021, the Cleveland Clinic is opening a London hospital. This year, we are raising money for the Clinic to help with research and doctor training in London. 

We are excited to raise money for a charity that links Cleveland and the United Kingdom. We will be doing a series of raffles throughout the year. If you have items you would like to donate for the raffle, or would like to make a donation to our drive, please get in touch!


Fan Shop

We have a great partnership with the folks at Balcony Shirts for British Bulldawgs merchandise.

You can purchase t-shirts, hoodies, beanie caps, bags and mugs directly from them, with worldwide shipping available!

Click on the links to our shop.

Kelly shirt.JPG

Men's and Women's T-Shirts

Please note women's shirts are UK sizing, check chest measurements on shirts to ensure the best fit.

Kelly Hat.jpg

Beanie caps and more!

Keep warm and carry your

favourite things in style!


Kelly Burgess Taylor

Bulldawgs President

Born and raised a Browns fan in Cleveland, Ohio, Kelly moved London in 2003. One of the first things she did was join the local Browns Backers community as a way to meet people. Since then Kelly has helped to grow the club by adding it to Facebook and Twitter, and then became the President in 2018. Kelly's highlight of the Browns Backers club was when the team came to London in 2017 and we had a packed Admiralty Pub filled with Browns fans!


Dan Davies

Bulldawgs Committee

Hey I'm Dan, I've been with the backers for 4 years now after moving to London (Then escaping to NYC and back!) I've been a Browns fan for 11 years after playing American football at University! I've also coached American football as the Defensive Coordinator of the QMBL Vipers. Looking forward to being on the committee and making this the number 1 Backers group!


Carl Jones

Bulldawgs Committee

I live just outside Worcester. There must be Browns fans around here, I met a few on the train en route to the game at Twickenham. I think my NFL journey began like many British fans. Channel 4 in the 1980s. Why Cleveland? I started as a curious neutral but it was 'The Drive' that hooked me. Something very honest and blue collar about that stadium. I have never even been to the States but I feel connected to the Browns. Can't explain it! As a Birmingham City FC supporter I know all about success starvation.


Martin Burgess

Bulldawgs Committee

I have followed the Browns since only 2016 , the 1-15 season . My son and I have always liked American football and being Millwall supporters wanted to follow a team which had the same sort of fan base , loyal , blue collar and very passionate . The fact that the Browns weren’t very good fitted into what we were used to lol . It has been a real rollercoaster ever since ....and we have loved it 


Paul Brown

Bulldawgs Committee

When picking a team with a name like Paul Brown I had a choice of two teams, I went with the Cleveland Browns, I have travelled across the pond 12 times see the Browns play and once in London .... if you have any questions on travel to Cleveland or the city itself - please don't hesitate to reach out 


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